Industry Paper Releases

Subscriber Exclusive: Borrell's 2022/2023 Charts of the Week

All 10 charts from Borrell's Winter 2022-23 Chart of the Week series is provided in a user-friendly Powerpoint format for use by clients to share with co-workers or use in presentations.  Our ongoing, twice-yearly series provides focused insights from Borrell's most recent survey of local advertisers and ad agencies.  While charts are released publicly one at a time, the full set, with a brief written analysis for each chart, is available only to subscribers.

How SMBs Generate Leads

Local businesses are developing their own 1st party data via the creation of customer lists. But they're heavily focused on collecting contact information for potential customers -- also known as leads. This 14-page report offers insights on how businesses define leads, how they're obtaining that information, and which marketing activities are preferred to do so. This report is exclusively for subscribers. Not a subscriber? See how to sign up.

Q2 SMB Business Barometer: Uh-Oh

Our 23rd SMB Business Barometer survey has picked up on a troublesome downturn in advertisers' mood.  Headed into the latter half of the year, they've become a bit more reticent about ad spending. But there's not all bad news. Our six-page summary, available only to Borrell subscribers, details how their mood has changed every quarter since September 2016 and how that affects their plans for advertising.  The report also offers some pre-recession planning data:  Which business categories proved to be "recession-proof" during the last recession, and which took the longest time to recover.

2022 Content Marketing Study

The proliferation of "owned" media channels by SMBs is spawning an explosion in Content Marketing.  They're now spending $80 billion on it, developing blogs, videos, and other forms of storytelling about their businesses, their expertise, and their products and services.  This 59-page report, a joint project between The Branded Content Project and Borrell Associates, contains two dozen charts and tables and unique insights on how the pandemic spurred things along, and what the future holds for Content Marketing.  This is a free report available to Borrell Subscribers and all other visitors.

2022 Annual Benchmarking Report:

Local Media

Local media emerged from the pandemic with a sharper focus on digital initiatives and a new drive to sell more. This year, they're on track to capture $12 billion in digital revenue, stealing market share from the big pureplay companies for the first time in 15 years.  This is our annual assessment of how much of the $92 billion spent on local digital advertising is being kept in-market by media companies, what types of digital advertising is being sold, and who's getting it.  The 66-page report features 45 charts and tables, including benchmarking data that measures digital revenue performance for TV stations, local cable systems, daily and weekly newspapers, and radio stations. Two appendices list ad-spending estimates for 513 U.S. markets for 2021 and 2022, including estimates of local media's Obtainable Digital Revenue in each market.   The report is $1,195, or free to Borrell subscribers.  An executive summary is available for free.

2022 Local Automotive Advertising Outlook:

Dealers Gear Up For Major Change in Messaging

It's been a topsy-turvy time for auto dealers. The industry just witnesses two years of records: Record lows and highs in sales, record high growth in sticker prices, and record low days' supply of new cars on dealer lots. How will it affect advertising expenditures in 2022?  Our annual outlook chronicles the underlying changes that will affect $9.4 billion in dealer spending this year and how dealers will be forced to change their messaging.  The 30-page report contains 18 charts and graphs, plus an appendix listing 2022 ad-spending forecasts for all 210 TV Markets and another appendix detailing how dealers spent a total of $38 billion on digital marketing services in 2021. The report is $1,195, or free to subscribers.  An executive summary is available for free.

How Local Marketers View Streaming Audio

This 10-page report summarizes a monthly panel survey we conducted in October/November on streaming audio.  The report examines the personal listening habits of 174 panelist of ad buyers, as well as their marketing perspective on streaming audio, satellite radio, and podcasting and how they compare to AM/FM radio.  This report is available only to Borrell subscribers. Sign in to view the full report.

Q3 Business Barometer: Signs of Trouble Ahead

Our 16th quarterly Borrell Business Barometer has detected trouble in SMB land. Growing optimism in previous panels has been replaced by growing pessimism as panelists feel that economic conditions have worsened. This six-page report keys off Borrell's panel of hundreds of local businesses.  It compares their sentiment on business conditions, advertising expenditures, and the economy with previous periods, and gauges their mood as the holiday shopping season approaches.  This report is available only to Borrell subscribers.  Subscriber Note:  Please Login in order to see and download file